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Part of my dream for our first family trip to East Africa was to experience tented luxury in a bush landscape - and anyone with romantic notions of retro, 1930s safari ambience will find it at Bateleur, the epitome of vintage Brit-in-Africa chic... †

Another great drawcard is the campís location on the western border of Kenyaís Masai Mara National Reserve. My other dream was to witness the Great Migration, one of natureís miraculous rituals where millions of wildebeest travel great distances every year to follow the rains and lush greenery. From the moment of arrival, when we rerouted our journey around an elephant herd, we came thrillingly close to an amazing groundswell of animals.†

Perhaps best of all, the heartful welcome we received here truly touched us as a family and we were genuinely sorry to leave our new friends. Beyond the wonderful antiques and natural wildlife setting, Bateleur Campís people are part of the memories weíll treasure most...†
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"Searching for the best African luxury travel destinations? Jonathan and his family share their luxury safari experiences in the Masai Mara, Kenya..."



The MAXIMUM LUGGAGE WEIGHT (weight includes suitcase and ALL hand luggage) for boarding light aircraft in Kenya & Tanzania is 15kg PER PERSON. Most luxury travelers are used to bending the rulesÖ but this one time it's not-negotiable.

Sheira and I are not 15kg baggage peopleÖ

THE SOLUTION for Kenya & Tanzania: divide your luggage and leave the excess bags in storage in a locker at Nairobiís WILSON AIRPORT. It is absolutely safe. One thing in your favour: the camps have excellent complimentary laundry service, which makes a shrunken wardrobe easier to bear!


t shirts
binoculars - mandatory for game viewing
(Insect repellent is already supplied in abundance in the camps)

DOís &  DONíTs

We have learnt over the years that it is mandatory to wear natural fabrics that breathe, in neutral tones that arenít jarring with the natural bushland palette of greens and browns. Donít be tempted to go out and buy the head to toe, cliched luxury African safari look. Comfortable, light clothing that is easy to wash is just fine.

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While putting together my recent trip to East Africa I wanted each destination to reflect something different and add another experience to our adventure. Ideally, one of the luxury African safari camps would typify the high end tent-in-the-bush experience that most people imagine when they think of safari. My research led me to a standout property from the excellent &BEYOND group, luxury tented &Beyond Bateleur Camp in the MASAI MARA, the northern extension of the vast Serengeti-Mara ecosystem that is the largest concentration of large mammals on earth.

It stood out from the huge range of tented camps as being luxurious and intimate - the camp is exclusively luxury tented suites, in two small clusters of 9.

To get to the Masai Mara we flew from Nairobiís Domestic WILSON AIRPORT to the small airstrip at KICHWA TEMBO, our destination at the base of the Oloololo escarpment, alongside the Sabaringo River.

The &Beyond Bateleur Camp service already began before we even took off: Öthe &Beyond representative presented Zoe with a fantastic childrensí pack, with binoculars, pencils and an art kit. They also helped us make the most of our 3 hour wait by taking us shopping in town. (see WHERE TO SHOP, NAIROBI).

As warm and helpful as the luxury safari company is however,
even they canít help you with the 15 kg rule! 

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