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Now that the 2010 World Cup beckons, South Africa’s most cosmopolitan, evolving city is finally ready for its close up - and luckily there will be more hotels than ever before up to the task of hosting discerning luxury travelers…

New visitors will discover the pulse of Africa’s urban side as “Joburg” gets ready to throw off a complicated, politically turbulent goldrush past and embrace its moment in the sun with a global sports event. But for me the city had already arrived – a travel hub and a great city stopover en route to South Africa’s glorious safari culture.

My hotel picks showcase Johannesburg’s variety… From the Melrose Arch, an oasis of chic design in the exclusive Melrose Arch Precinct, to our other favourite establishment The Michelangelo in swish Sandton City - where a new renovation will restore its sense of grandeur. With new hotels springing up and pre-World Cup buzz about to begin, it’s amazing to see my childhood town become one of travel’s brand new hotspots…

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This is the one city in the world that I have a strong childhood connection to, as I spent my formative years growing up here, until our family immigrated to Australia, 30 years ago. Every time I visit, in the nostalgic sense I’m going home… 

On our last trip to the safari camps and coastal resorts of East Africa I could have flown via Dubai, but it was a given that I would pick ‘Joburg:’ I really like to reconnect and overnight here when I can. 

You won’t need long to be energized by the vitality and rejuvenation of this old gold rush town that is having its second boom; I made a point of choosing Joburg as my entry point from the continent of Africa to see how much the town is changing for myself. But one familiar element that I wanted to recapture was the great family experience in one of my favourite hotels… 

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