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It was inevitable that Sheira and I would visit the most popular and cosmopolitan of the Greek Islands, which has evolved over the years into a vibrant, lively Mecca for party-goers and sun worshippers.

It’s certainly the most famous island in the well-loved Cyclades group - a cluster of 220 or so islands southeast of the mainland. Mykonos is not only the name of the island; but of its largest town, a port situated on the west coast, where small, whitewashed windmills dot the landscape, one of the most recognizable and iconic images of Mykonos.

This aridly beautiful, 41 square mile block of granite in the Aegean may be the most modernized island, but the hedonistic attitude of the hip club and bar scene is pure ancient Greece, so pack your toga! Visitors tend to sleep or collapse on the busy beaches all day then gear up for action every night. There are quieter corners if you look (and we did), but if it’s peace you’re after, try Folegandros or Hydra.
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This particular trip took place in 2007. It was us, along with our dear friends from Melbourne, Tania and Ronnie.  

Sheira and I were already in Europe, enjoying some time in France and Italy before heading down to Greece.

We flew into Mykonos Airport which is just south east of the town, but it’s not exactly what you’d call a “straight shot” from there. We’d organized a car ahead of time, and we were given fairly detailed directions on how to get from the airport to our hotel.  

I did a fairly seamless job of getting us to the hotel. The roads are so narrow and winding, that we had a few interesting moments along the way! It’s only a four kilometer drive, but let’s just say that a heightened level of concentration is required for the entire journey!

A previous trip to Mykonos, we stayed at THE BELVEDERE HOTEL – an amzing spunky, vibey hotel that underwent extensive refurbishments in 2008, but I was looking for something different this time.

THE BELVEDERE  is situated in the town itself. I’m a firm believer that there are “pool hotels” and there are “beach hotels.”  As nice as The Belvedere is, it’s not a “beach hotel” and that’s what Sheira and I were looking for this time.  It also has a reputation for being somewhat of a “party” hotel, which  again was not what we were after on this particular visit.

One of the many good things about Mykonos is the wide variety of hotels to choose from.  There are those (like The Belvedere) that cater to a younger, more “flamboyant” crowd shall we say, but there’s certainly no shortage of top quality properties aimed at a slightly older demographic.

So, with The Belvedere out of the running, there were three hotels that appealed to me. In case you haven’t realized by now, I research everything!

The Santa Marina, The Kivotos Club House, and The Mykonos Blu.

The SANTA MARINA looked like a first class resort, but that’s what it was – a resort – rather than a smaller boutique hotel. 

The KIVOTOS CLUB HOUSE really got my attention. There are a total of 39 rooms and suites, and each one is unique in design and decoration. Add to that, the fact that every guestroom is decorated by a local artist or craftsman, and you can see how The Kivotos Club was making a very strong case to be the new Said Family hotel of choice on Mykonos.

But the name that kept on popping up time and time again research was MYKONOS BLU. Umpteen people had told me that it was THE place to stay, and I must admit that as I was doing my research it certainly ticked a lot of the right boxes.

It is right on the spectacular PSAROU BEACH, and offers a total of 111 traditional blue and white island bungalows, suites and villas. Some of these come complete with their own private pool or open air Jacuzzi.  There’s a stunning saltwater infinity pool perched right over the beach. 

It was easy to see why people were falling over themselves to recommend Mykonos Blu. And just to top if off, the famous NAMMOS RESTAURANT was right there on the beach.

The Kivotos Club had put up a good fight, but Mykonos Blu was ahead on points in the end. Even Sheira’s beautician Matti (who is a cool, switched on woman) gave Mykonos Blu her personal stamp of approval.  That was the clincher. If it was good enough for Matti it was good enough for us. Done deal.  

We settled on four days at Mykonos Blu.

By the way, we did actually go and take a look at KIVOTAS CLUB HOUSE and it looked absolutely fabulous.  Rest assured, if we go back to Mykonos, we will be staying there !!

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