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We love going to foreign lands and really experiencing that rush of being in another country - but it is a pretty special place that makes you feel like you are on another planet! The fascinating topography of this rocky desert region, with its canyons, cave dwellings, towers and underground cities carved into rock, is not just beautiful; itís otherworldly.

We had never been to Turkey and I knew that the prehistoric look of Central Anatolia would give us the completely unique rural experience we were looking for. We embraced the setting by staying in caves at the equally extraordinary Museum Hotel (the 5-star version) and ballooning over theí fairy chimneyí rock formations of the Uchisar valley - the experience of a lifetime.
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Croatia and Turkey were part of our summer 2009 plans and Cappadocia was a destination that immediately stood out and excited me because I had seen what I felt was a similar desert landscape in Petra Jordan, and wanted to share this unique experience with Sheira and our children. I wanted to discover what lay beyond the cities in the Turkish countryside. I knew this experience was right up my alley - the decision making process was only ever about finding the right hotel. There are quite a few luxury options in the Cappadocia area.

I asked our Istanbul hotel, Les Ottomans who they would recommend, and they suggested ANATOLIAN HOUSES. They said several of their guests had been there, and really enjoyed these amazing cave dwellings. It has that typical Cappadocia desert look: cube-like buildings carved out of soft rock with primitive, scooped out windows. I made contact with Anatolian Houses, even going as far as deciding on the rooms that I wanted, but there was something holding me back from a final commitment-booking. Some times one cant explain what it I kept looking.

I stumbled upon MUSEUM HOTEL. The hotel offered various styles of cave suites that were literally part of the rock and surroundings. I loved the location of the hotel, being perched at the summit of Uchisar,Nevsehir. Museum hotel offered sweeping views over the terrain and mountains, and I loved the photographs of the hot air balloons passing by early morning.

ARGOS, another luxury hotel option, offered a slightly more contemporary look to Museum Hotel, with sand-coloured stone buildings, and the most beautiful tiered gardens and terraces. I had very warm conversations with the general manager of Argos,Yasemin Mudur and loved the washed out Mediterranean villa look.(They really do show off their property well on their website). But in the end, the fact that their swimming pool wasnít going to be ready until 2010 helped me with my decision. 

We were visiting Cappadocia in July, and with the intense heat I felt the pool at Museum hotel was a necessity. 

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