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Hayman Whitsundays

The Whitsundays Passage is a serene turquoise paradise that we think of as the gem of tropical Queensland. Hayman is a single-resort island at its northernmost point that is still one of our family’s top holiday destinations. We have had wonderful times there with the kids, who love the family-friendly atmosphere, freedom to roam and over - the - top lagoon pool.

It is not the newest, hippest or flashiest resort in Australia but there is always room for a ‘home away from home’ whose motto seems to be, ‘Nothing is too much trouble’ - so we love Hayman Island for its warmth and familiarity. Even those who usually go for boutique accommodation would probably get into the rambling gardens, choice of restaurants, accommodation and range of things to do.

While in the Whitsundays this year we flew in by helicopter for the day to get an update and sample a little Hayman hospitality…
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When we flew up the Eastern coast of Australia to visit glamorous, intimate, adults-only resort, Qualia - in the Whitsundays Waterways - we absolutely had to revisit Hayman Island, which we know so well. Although we make it our mission to push out the edges of our comfort zone by continually seeking out the new or unusual, sometimes even we need a holiday from the pursuit of adventure!

The good memories,
warm embrace and knowledge that you are always going to have fun and get friendly service are a pretty strong magnet that keeps attracting us back. If our family had a greatest hits list, this and La Fontelina beach club in Capri would top it. We wanted to see if Hayman was as good as we remembered.

We have been about 5 times before and even though we were staying all three nights elsewhere, the resort told us that they would be not only be delighted to host us for the day as ‘returning guests but that they would put a suite at our disposal for the afternoon.


Places like Hayman have repeat clientele that virtually use it as their holiday home. One travel tip - if you have been to a hotel before - always mention it. Any visit within the last 3-5 years will probably still be on their computer. 

It makes such a difference when they find your name: all of a sudden there is a connection. Repeat visitors are building a business relationship so why not avail yourself of that bumped up service?

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