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Like many NZ properties the patchwork green setting of Cape Kidnappers is already stunning enough, but this lodge is a sight worth seeing in itself. Set dramatically at the edge of a peninsula on incredible, chalky cliffs amongst a 6000-acre working sheep and cattle farm, its unusual design dazzled Sheira and I. The exposed timbers, glass and silo shape has its own unique charm; it’s an aesthetic masterpiece and a great example of that totally Kiwi combination of rural, untouched beauty and cutting edge design.

This family-run business also looks after you beautifully. You will have a memorable long weekend in Hawkes Bay, either staying put in the lodge or exploring the leading wine-making area, nicknamed the ‘fruit bowl of New Zealand’ for its gourmet food and wine lifestyle.
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NZ is lodge country. Along with the richly scenic side, I wanted to uncover the cream of the crop in accommodation that could draw luxury travelers literally to the end of the earth (the very thing that makes this Pacific country so special and untouched). I was determined to give the North Island a go and had already planned on staying at classic choice, Huka Lodge. Looking for another place to explore I was thrilled to find this gem, Cape Kidnappers only a skip and a hop away (as a 30 min flight or a 3hr drive) from Huka Lodge in Taupo.

Firstly, I liked the idea of traveling to a different region (and driving through the rolling green hills of NZ is hardly a hardship!) - seeing the East coast at Hawkes Bay, which is the country’s oldest wine region and famous for its reds. Most of the NZ Merlots, Cabernet Sauvignons and Shirazs come from here.

And Kidnappers is new - it only opened at the tail end of 2007. It always interests me to try the latest a country has to offer and I love pushing myself by looking beyond the predictable. It doesn’t have the usual huntin,’ shootin’ & fishin’ lodge look. Sheira and I loved the distinctive design and remarkable cliffside setting. Although amped up a bit, the feel is totally rustic. All in all it fitted so many things that Sheira and myself love that we decided to give this excusive hideaway-with-twist a go.

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