We had just arrived from Istanbul and were all a little hungry, after an early morning flight. Burak  immediately made us feel at home. Walking us outside to the stunning gardens with the most amazing view over Torba Bay. Breakfast at Casa Dell’ Arte is al fresco, out in the garden amongst the big giant palms. A buffet is set up each morning, on a lovely old timber table in the dining area and it is beautifully presented, as if a friend has put on a relaxed, tasteful brunch. The classic spread of mueslis, breads, jams, honey and some unusual fruits were presented.

Sheira, Zoe and Noah then ordered from the kitchen eggs, bacon and pancakes. I was hedging,...not ordering anything as I really wanted to go for a run, but was not sure how Sheira was going to take this idea of leaving the family when we had literally just arrived! I decided to come clean, and say…” Hun, while you and the kids eat breakfast, please can I go for my run ?” She knew this had been coming as she had seen me pack my running gear into my shoulder bag when we left Istanbul, wondering why I had packed this, when we were only going to Bodrum for the day !

Knowing that this could effect my mood for the rest of the day, she bid me farewell and said that if they were not at the pool or beach, the kids would probably be back in the room that Burak had given us for the day. After all, we had to wake-up at 5am to make this early morning flight.

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The charm of Bodrum is its low rise, old - fashioned port and this restaurant captures all that. It is in a cluster of old stone houses with cobblestone streets and tables out in a courtyard, under banana trees and palms. The restaurant appeared to be well managed, and the decor was really quite chic, with white linen tablecloths, candlelight flickering from the tables, and the chef has created an interesting combinations of ingredients in his menu. Chicken wrapped with shrimp and simmered in cream; Hünkar Beğendi is a local dish of lamb chunks cooked on briquettes, served on aubergine puree - and of course there is plenty of fish and octopus. 

Truth be told, I had just lost the entire photo record of our stay by accident on my digital camera so I was not in the headspace of taking much in around me... I was distracted and beside myself, as we had enjoyed the most fabulous day and could not retrace the day in Bodrum as we were leaving for the airport within hours. 

Burak had recommended Kocadon, as a really good authentic Bodrum dinner experience,...even the design was within keeping of this old port town.

We will have to try this meal again sometime, I have no recollection , nor do my family after the devastation of hitting "reformat" 30 minutes earlier!

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KOCADON | Saray Sokak 1, Bodrum, Bodrum | Tel: +90 252 316 37 05 | View web site
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The Said men have an "open mind" to street food; some of our memorable meals have been kooky little hole in the wall, local secrets.(Sheira is not as brave, and would rather starve than try some of the foods we have eaten). This small doner kebab restaurant down near the port in Bodrum caught my eye (and taste buds) as soon as I walked by.The smells were good !! Nocta had the lamb rotating near the grill, allowing the fat to run down, and what made this particular sight different were the vegetables, like onion, and sweet potato or carrot infused. I asked a kind young man behind the counter if we could try a few pieces, and of course offered to pay.  He happily cut Noah and myself a few slices - it was a quick trip to heaven!   Back in Istanbul my guide, Maher told me that adding vegetables to a kebab is a specialty found in Bodrum and nowhere else!! Nocta is a small restaurant with a few stools in the front where you can sit and have a simple but absolutely delicious meal. When we return to Bodrum we will have our pita bread open and ready!

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NOKTA | Doktor Alim Bey Cad, 40 , Bodrum | +90 252 316 7206 |
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