Breakfast is outside and a bit more formal than the usual buffet; you order Continental breakfast a la carte. The indoor dining area is under a tower structure with glassed in arches, that spills out onto this beautiful huge terrace.

The resort also has two acclaimed restaurants. “C” is named after the celebrity chef, Charlie Trotter who has a world famous Chicago restaurant. This is good if you like seafood-focused fine dining (not our preference; but it has a great reputation). AGUA, where we had dinner on our first night, has its own style of “Mexiterranean” cuisine. Although the food is gourmet, the outdoor tables by the pool and panoramic sea views (it is high on the bluff) keep the atmosphere nice and relaxed.

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We always go outside the resort gates to try a region’s restaurant culture - and with two coastal towns nearby we had plenty of opportunities to sample the cuisine on offer on the Baja peninsula.

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We loved this spot in smaller, more charming San Jose del Cabos for its beautiful character setting. This courtyard restaurant is totally dominated by an extraordinary, 150 - yr old bougainvillea tree with a giant, gnarled trunk and branches lit up by fairy lights. While we ate out on the patio, we were bathed in a pink and golden glow - which adds a magical touch to the already picturesque, mid 18th century hacienda decorated with indigenous folk art. You feel like you are in a fairy grotto (Zoe loved the novelty) and although tourists come here, the staff don’t speak English that freely; there are still plenty of devoted locals who come for their favourite tables. It is definitely worth pre-booking.

The menu is a slightly different twist on the usual Mexican dishes we know, with home cooking like tortilla soup with huge chunks of chicken and grilled shrimp steak. Simple, peasant cooking - which we love and always works with kids.

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Damiana Restaurant Bar and Patio | Blvd Mijares # 8, San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos | + 624 142 0499 | View web site
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We wanted to try a very popular, fun restaurant called “The Office”, the tongue in cheek name that pokes fun at the corporate struggle right here on the beach of Cabo San Lucas where bare feet rule.

This place matches the character of the town - loud, open and full of energy. But Sheira and I didn’t conga line in as a family. We were out on our own - a first - leaving the boys to look after Zoe and relax with room service. They were tired and having too much fun at the resort. But you know me by now: onward and upward!

There is a
real party atmosphere on the sand, which is where most tables are found. We talking right on the beach ! The back of the chairs have Mexican ponchos draped over that can be worn if the evening turns a little cool. This is a traditional pit-stop, very much like Doyle’s fish restaurant in Sydney, where hundreds file through as a ‘must-do’ eat and see.

The decor
and chairs were spot on but you have to be in the mood to sit out on a party beach with people noisily walking by, or sellers hawking Mexican hats and who knows what else… it was one of those places that is more about fun than having the best meal. Kids would love the burritos, fried fish and hamburgers. Their specialty is the jumbo shrimp in the shell - butterfly cut and grilled with blackened garlic - was really tasty.

The margaritas are on a “flow” setting, and come in a 16 oz jumbo size. Each Sunday and Thursday evening a fiesta with traditional folk dancers and piñatas takes over - tequila shooters on the house. Next door at a sports bar you can hear people booing, clapping or cheering the live football games. You get the picture. There is no kid too noisy for this place and it’s perfect for big groups who want a lot of movement and colour.

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The Office on the Beach | Playa El Medano, Cabo San Lucas , Los Cabos | + 624 143 3464 | View web site
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The name didn’t grab me, it’s just so random, but I had heard about it from a friend of mine who lives in Sydney. The concierge confirmed that it is a must when in Cabo San Lucas. The restaurant is near the beach side of Cabo San Lucas, and the atmosphere is pumping with a real 20-30 something crowd who are spilling outside. It was so full that we were worried about a table, despite our booking. But it’s the usual lottery of “We won’t be long, go to the bar and we’ll come for you.” Not always fun with kids ranging from 5 to 16 at a crowded bar, standing room only. Where will we sit?

It was already late and we were hungry so I made a few gentle protests at reception thinking, uh-oh. I had already spit the dummy and walked out of a restaurant in Vegas on this trip, and I didn’t want to see the bluff through a second time - from the bar we could see a mouth watering open grill with steaks, prawns and lobsters.

I tried
charm and positivity. This place is FANTASTIC, but we are a family, have a booking and can’t really wait in the bar - can someone make an executive decision? So they gave us a table in a little intimate cellar room slightly apart, just a few steps above the bar area. It’s not too detached: the doors are open, the restaurant is packed and you’re still there. The shelves were so stocked with wine that you’d swear the bottles are all about to fall down. The effect was beautiful, with all the different coloured glass and hand-embroidered place mats.

The high backed chairs were like towers, they gave us Mexican ponchos to put on because Zoe was a bit chilly and the food just started coming. It was real-deal, familiar Mexican food that kids love: the empanadas, surf and turf, and guacamole. Sheira is allergic to wheat but she can just switch to corn tortillas.

It’s such great
food to share and because this was all a bit different it really stands out as a family memory. I actually told friends who came later to seek out the cellar - you get your own dining room, probably skip the queue, and enjoy the ambience without feeling too crowded.

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Edith’s | Camino a Playa El Medano s/n , Los Cabos | + 624 143 0801 | View web site
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