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We loved our totally relaxed start to the day in
Soneva Gili’s huge, open-air MAIN RESTAURANT near reception. Its beach location, curved, white washed benches, orange director’s chairs and raw pole supports are totally in keeping with the resort’s laid-back island feel. Big bowls of fruit are displayed buffet style, with cereals and deliciously creamy tangy, thick yoghurt. There are also great à la carte options, like mango smoothies and farm style eggs and classic Eggs Benedict, made to order.

We were happy to share the experience of breakfast at “The Main,” but guests can also try CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST at THE BAR. Or, for a really knockout, luxurious start to the day the kitchen boat can dock at your villa and cook hot breakfast to order with champagne

Who says you have to be newlyweds to enjoy all the honeymooner frills on offer? As far as I we are concerned, we have second honeymoon privileges anyway!

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Main Restaurant| Soneva Gili |
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Due to the luxury of having a daily catch of seafood on the island, and gardens on the luxury Maldives resort that provide fresh, organic produce we found the quality of the ingredients to be exceptionally good. With the variety of restaurants and menus you’ll probably never get around to trying the huge variety of dishes on offer every day either…

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This romantic looking timber building has the quintessential Soneva Gili style on-stilt, thatched, open-air style of the villas - built on the shallow lagoon. The LUNCH BUFFET offers a huge variety of culinary styles, from Middle Eastern Mezze platters with tabouli, hummus and eggplant whipped into a ‘mutable’ mousse, to Thai style “Som Tam” Green papaya salad, Indian Tandoori spiced jumbo prawns, sushi or Chinese five spiced tofu. 

I have been to plenty of tropical resort buffets that become very “same same” after a few days, but here you could never be bored. And Main Bar offers snacks and light meals throughout the day to suit the different schedules of the guests. We loved how casual and flexible lunch was here.

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Senses by the Sea| Soneva Gili |
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If you really can’t tear yourself away from the water and your gorgeous luxury villa, you can snack all day “at home” with a fantastic menu that goes way beyond burgers and fries…

Again, there is a real multicultural influence, from Sashimi platters, local reef fish and wok dishes to homemade Samosa, pastas with creamy sauce, Club Sandwiches and Chapatti rolls from different regions in India. And Sheira, who is on a strict diet, loved the bonus of gluten-free rice paper hand rolls with “Mihoen” noodles.

If you love dining al fresco on the beach, the staff can also set up a private BBQ for you on the sand bank…

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This intimate, dining space for just 26 guests is on the top level of a beautiful 2-story timber building on the beach, which is more solid than the usual resort architecture, with a distinctive wood shingled roofline that softly undulates between two cone pinnacles. 

While enjoying breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, you can try the adventurous Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine created by Peruvian chef, Santini De Los Santos, something Sheira and I had not seen before. We loved the Asian freshness with the Latin spiciness and wish we could try this combo at home.

Dishes like Peruvian lobster ceviche with avocado and ginger and a thickly textured, traditional Andean Parihuela soup really complement the sharpness of local White Snapper & Job fish sushi and Yellow fin Tuna tartar with soft tofu. It’s very healthy, fresh food - which you can try with a large selection of Japanese sakes or wines from Argentina and Chile that, like us, you probably don’t already know. 

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By night the chilled out, airy breakfast space is transformed into a prettily lit, romantic dinner environment. Again, the menu blends Eastern and Western cuisine, reflecting the cultural melting pot atmosphere of the Maldives region.

As healthy eaters, we enjoyed the way you build your own “slow life” salad starter, with many of the ingredients grown here on the island. You can even take a GARDEN TOUR with the chef to choose them yourself! A menu list of wild beach lettuce, herbs, marinated olives, pine nuts and grilled vegetables is complemented with pesto sauces, sweet ginger dressing and kalamata olive caviar. It’s so hearty and delicious you could easily live just on this! 

But of course you don’t have to, with bountiful, exquisitely prepared seafood to follow… The “Six Tastes of the Indian Ocean” says it all - with prawn sushi, crayfish tempura, tuna sashimi, seared reef fish, pan fried scallop and Maldivian seafood soup. 

But if you like fine dining, there are also plenty of à la carte dishes that display the kitchen’s real gourmet flair, like the steamed Maldivian rock lobster slices with wild papaya, cilantro salsa and crustacean cognac drizzle. 

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Behind the garden you can find the gourmet cellar, which is quite unusual for a tropical resort where WINE TASTINGS and WINE DINNERS are personally hosted by the Sommelier at the amazing, six metre driftwood TREE TRUNK TABLE with its own attached glass shelves.

The resort’s wine collection is stored in recessed, free-form alcoves all along the organic looking white plastered walls, and you can personally select which bottle you would like to try at dinner in one of the restaurants, or over a moonlit dinner on your own villa deck…

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The Wine Cellar & Underground Chocolate Cave| Soneva Gili |
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