Sometimes when I travel I am inspired to do more than seize the moment. I want the scene before me to unroll for you the way it did for me with sounds, or the sweeps of a panoramic view.

These are the moments that really say it all, come watch with me...

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A holiday by the Indian Ocean was the reward I knew would rejuvenate the family after the landlocked adventures of safari camp and the heat and dust of seeing wild game in the East African game reserves…
This private island resort off the coast of Zanzibar was a stunning showcase for a whole other side of Africa: turquoise water, white sands, coral reefs and complete stillness. Mnemba’s eco-friendly mastery of open-air design and luxury done the raw, organic way creates the ultimate shipwreck fantasy come true. The Robinson Crusoe effect is done brilliantly - but with five-star food and impeccable service that makes being “stranded” a pure pleasure.
As well as the hypnotic spell of island isolation, there is also the bonus destination of nearby historic and exotic Stonetown where the wealthy merchant architecture and multicultural texture reveal Zanzibar’s amazing past…

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