THE DIANI BEACH SHOPPING CENTRE is a lowrise shopping centre really worth visiting if you feel like browsing to break up the day or want to take home some local souvenirs or gifts.

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I was thrilled to find this a health conscious natural food chain where I could stock up on gluten-free goodies and all the things I am allowed to eat - a great find for anyone who has dietary restrictions or is simply into healthier alternatives (like almond milk or preservative-free, sugar-free organic groceries).

We also came across some really interesting shops that go beyond the usual commercial, souvenir flavour of tourist shopping…

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Meaning “small and beautiful” in Swahili, this Kenyan jewelry store sells ceramic beads and whimsical jewelry - Zoe got a fun necklace made up of ceramic cube letters that spelt her name. 

In the mass-production era it is all the more special to me to find handmade, personally crafted objects. Each bead in every bracelet and necklace here is kiln fired, glazed and handpainted by a local group of women - in a workshop that is on land once owned by Karen Blixen, the Danish author of “out of Africa.”  There is bound to be a bauble to catch your eye!  

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Kazuri| Mombasa Diani Beach | Tel +254 202328905 Tel +254 202328906 |
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This specialty Africa giftstore is about more than the handicrafts, jewelry and clothes - I loved the philosophy behind it as much as the trinkets on sale. This business venture, owned and run by philanthropist, Amina Hada, is part of a collaborative drive to give work to people living with Aids and get women off the streets and involved in trade. This movement helps those in need establish little businesses or co ops and funds self help groups and orphan centres.

We were quite moved and wanted to support such a fantastic, humane philosophy by buying something. I found some lovely placemats and serviettes that we genuinely loved: there is plenty here to help you do a good deed and take a little African flavour home with you too.

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Tam Tam Gifts| Mombasa Diani Beach | +254 40 2607 Mobile: 0724 840 955 |
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If you love the exotic look of the colourful wraps and scarves that local women wear in Africa, Ina’s not only sells the fabric but offers a tailoring service that creates your own made-to-measure version of this distinctively local fashion statement. You can really get in the mood with cotton beach dresses, turbans and jungle print swimwear. 


Not all ATMs worked for me (only Barclays or Kenya bank took my card) so I advise bringing cash from the airport…

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Ina's Boutique| Mombasa Diani Beach | Tel: +254 40 3203495 |
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