Even though the focus of life in Vail is the beauty and adventure of the outdoors, there are plenty of leisure-seekers coming through who are after some retail therapy !

EAST MEADOW DRIVE is full of ART GALLERIES showcasing wildlife and still life paintings by local artists and photographic prints that let you bring the stunning landscapes here home with you. This is a nice stroll, with all the local art, ceramics and jewelry in one spot.

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I love stores that veer from the generic - this is an unusual combination of a sporting goods emporium and chic boutique, all put together as luxe mountain life. There are practical winter items that still look fashionable, like fitted, embroidered BOGNER parkas with hoods trimmed in fur and lots of niche brand skiwear.

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GORSUCH | 263 Gore Creek Dr , Vail | +1 970 476 2294 | View web site
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VAIL SWEETS gourmet shop is great for handmade chocolates that have the unmistakable take of fresh cream. Although I donít eat rich food and canít have dairy (a real sacrifice in this case!) these make great gifts or treats for the kids.

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VAIL SWEETS| 4081 Bighorn Road, Vail | 1 970 479-1826 |
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